My illegitimate ancestors

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I have several ancestors who were born out of wedlock.

Through research and documents we have a hypothesis for one ancestor and DNA has proven the familial connection for the other.

Neither one has provided a complete smoking gun to conclusively say “this was the father”.

DNA testing can break through some brick walls, but it does not always provide a definitive answer

I recently met a gentleman who was distantly related through one of these lines.  Another relative encouraged me to seek out this person to have a DNA test done to see if we could narrow done the search.

In talking with the individual, I discovered he was not interested and decided not to push.  I knew that the test would not provide any additional information other than to confirm the familial link we already had.

I had also learned through another illegitimate line that often descendants of the legitimate heirs refuses to acknowledge those of the illegitimate heirs {even when there is nothing to be gained}.

When dealing with an illegitimate ancestor, it is much more difficult to prove ancestry, unless sources have been left to prove the father such as a bastardy bond or probate record or the father is named on a birth certificate, census, obituary or military record.

Proceeding with other family members often requires tact, patience and consideration.  There are times when we have to know when to push and attempt a relationship and other times when we need to know when to back off and not make matters worse.

Do you have an illegitimate ancestor?  Have you been able to find the missing father?

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