When Our Research Interlaces with History

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A while back I shared a review of the book, His Other Life.  The author, set out to determine her father’s connection to Tennessee Williams. Our ancestors were not solitary figures.  They had hopes, dreams and friendships of their own. … Continued

Genealogy Research Leads to Discovery of Self

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My journey into genealogy began at a very difficult time in my life.  I was going through a divorce. I had heard rumors about our relationship with David Crockett and a variety of other family stories all of my young, … Continued

Searching where ancestor went to college

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Family lore says that one set of my great-great-grandparents went to college, however we do not know where. We know that my great-grandfather went to law school but did not finish.  However, his law books were passed down in the … Continued

Don’t Always Believe What You See

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When we look at census records or other primary sources, it can be very easy to become confused. There are occasions when things are not always what they seem. For instance, we look at a census records that provides a … Continued

My illegitimate ancestors

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I have several ancestors who were born out of wedlock. Through research and documents we have a hypothesis for one ancestor and DNA has proven the familial connection for the other. Neither one has provided a complete smoking gun to … Continued

Many with my surname live in the same area but I can’t prove we are related

If they are all in the same area, than more than likely there is a common ancestor somewhere in the mix. However, finding that connection is not easy. Now, let me clarify.  If the surname is a common one such … Continued

Why does my Ancestor Appear Out of Nowhere?

Question: It seems as though for my situation my 2nd great grandfather Robert, who was the one born in 1818, just appeared one day. This is more common than we may think at first. I understand your pain about Robert … Continued