Life on the Wagon Train
                Leagh has always been fascinated about the journey her ancestors, Michael and Margaret McKee, took when they journeyed from Abbeville, SC to Jefferson County, MO in 1818.   After extensive research, she wrote the story of their journey.  Now she’s bringing Margaret’s story to you in a firsthand account.

Violet Jessop
                Journey with the one woman that was on the most famous ships of the early Twentieth Century.  Violet Jessop was on board the Olympic when she collided with the New York.  She was also on the fateful voyage of the Titanic and the Britannic when these sister ships sank.  Leagh brings a firsthand account of her survival not once, but three times.

Elizabeth Patton Crockett
                Leagh wants to introduce you to her 4th great-aunt, the second wife of David Crockett.  Journey with her from her childhood in Swannanoa, NC, through to her first marriage, the loss of her husband, meeting David Crockett, their life together and widowhood.

From Outcast to Pilgrim   
                What was life like on the Mayflower?  What were the obstacles they faced in the New World? Why did they leave everything behind to come here?  Told from the viewpoint of Leagh’s ancestor, Pricilla Mullins Alden.

Jean Armour Burns 

                Walk in the steps of Robert Burns wife and the ups and downs of their relationship.