Children’s Toys in 1924


1924 Remember

We’ve been discussing life in 1924.

We all know that as children we had our favorite toys.  So what toys did children of the 1920s play with?  What were some of the games they enjoyed at that time?

Vintage ToysRaggedy Ann Doll

Raggedy Ann Doll  {1918}

Lincoln Logs {invented 1916}

Crayola Crayons

Handmade dolls

Wooden toys


First mass produced toys began at end of WWI through the 1920s

Die cast metal cars

Mass airplanes and cars


Games Children Played:

MarblesKick the Can


Doll House



Go Fish

Old Maid

Cap Guns

Cops & Robbers

Hide & Seek


Kick the Can


Let’s Take a Look at Toys that appeared in the 2nd half of the 1920sMickey and Minnie


Teddy Bear


Radio Flyer Wagon

Pop Up Book

Mickey Mouse dolls


How many of these toys and games do your remember playing as a child?

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