U.S. Towns affected by influenza 1918

While the influenza epidemic spread throughout Europe, it didn’t reach the United States until Spring 1918.  As troops came home from World War I, cases began to appear throughout the United States. Communities were greatly affected by the outbreak, as … Continued

Three Phases of Epidemic

There were three phases of the influenza pandemic or Spanish flu. Started in the Spring and resembled typical flu epidemics and mainly effected the sick and elderly Began in August throughout France, Sierra Leone and the United States. Virus mutated … Continued

National Day of Prayer in 1918

Recently, President Trump called for a National Day of Prayer. He stated, “We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these.” Going back, 102 years to the influenza epidemic … Continued

What caused Flu Epidemic of 1918?

The source of the outbreak is unknown; however, historians and researchers have narrowed it down to three main hypothesis. Began in Kansas, United States by late 1917 beginning on 14 US Military Camps.  One alert doctor notified the Public Health … Continued