Breaking Brick Walls with the Use of DNA

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I have a great-great grandfather who was born illegitimately in 1855. We know his birth surname was Mims from early census records, but by adulthood he had adopted the surname of his maternal grandparents that raised him. Repeated searches in … Continued

Genealogy Friday: Pros and Cons of DNA

Last week, I shared the story of how DNA had proven that President Harding did indeed have a love child. DNA has revolutionized our world in the last decade.  Criminals are able to prove either their innocence or guilt with … Continued

Genealogy Friday: How DNA uncovered a lie

History is full of speculation of who the father might be?  Then again we may hear questions, such as did “he” really farther that child. President Harding had been rumored to be the father of a child for almost a … Continued