5 Examples of Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness

RAOGK or Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness is very important in helping to break through brick walls.  Working together as a community we can often break through these obstacles. So I wanted to share some examples of RAOGK that I … Continued

Creative Genealogy: DIY Family Tree for Kids

Merry Christmas!  This is a fun project to do with the kids and teach them about family history while everyone is together for Christmas. We made a similiar tree using construction paper for the kids in our family and made … Continued

Local Societies Say Thank You to the Community

Recently I ran into the president of my local DAR Association. We struck up a conversation and she began to show me photos of some of the community work her group had done.  The photos that really touched my heart … Continued

Genealogy Friday: 5 Artistic Forms of Story Telling

I’ve shared points on turning family history into a children’s story or novel in a writing form. However, what if you’re not a writer?  Maybe you’re an artist? There are numerous other ways to tell family history stories. Artist—can draw … Continued