3 Reasons to Save Your Family History off of Ancestry.com

I love Ancestry.com and they offer many wonderful services.  One of these services is to upload your family tree and attach records to that tree. This makes it very easy and convenient.  However, there are some reasons to save your … Continued

5 Questions to Consider when Exploring other Researchers Family Trees

If you use Ancestry.com you know that you have the option of exploring other researcher’s trees. There are times when these trees can be a gold mine, but other times when they can be a mine trap. However, there is … Continued

First Ladies: Martha Johnson Patterson

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Martha Johnson Patterson was the oldest daughter and child of President Andrew Johnson and his wife, Eliza McCardle Johnson. She served as hostess on many occasions for her mother who was weak with tuberculosis. Martha Johnson was born on October … Continued

Presidents: Andrew Johnson

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Following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, his Vice President Andrew Johnson became president. President Johnson oversaw the reconstruction period following the Civil War. He was also the first President to be impeached. Andrew Johnson was born on December 29, 1808 … Continued

First Ladies: Mary Todd Lincoln

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Mary Todd Lincoln was the first First Lady to have her husband assassinated. She’d watched her husband age with the progression of the Civil War. Mary Lincoln suffered much loss and tragedy in her life. Mary Ann Todd was born … Continued

Presidents: Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln is one of our best known Presidents. He had the awesome task of leading the nation through the American Civil War. He was also the first president to be assassinated. Abraham Lincoln was born into poverty on February … Continued

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