Beginning Genealogy

Getting Started
Want to know how to get started researching your family history?  Leagh will take you through the very first steps to get started.

Why Do Genealogy?
That’s a question Leagh has been asked a lot in the last 20 years.  She talks about how it took her on a path of discovery about herself and her family, as well as opening lines of communication with family members.

 It’s More than Just Names and Dates
How do you make your ancestors come to life?  There was so much that happened between that dash of their life.  How to find a way to feel in some of the blanks.


Bring Them To Life

Conducting a Successful Interview
Leagh will help you with preparing to interview your relatives and the best way to get the interviewee to open up and start talking.

Writing an Intriguing Biography
You’ve got all of your information, now what do you do with it?  Leagh will walk you through the steps and give you tips to writing a successful biography.

Mapping Your Ancestor
Learn how to develop a timeline for a family or individual.  Discover the events that touched their lives.  We’ll also look at various ways to map and ancestor and the places they’ve lived.

 Turning Your Family History into a Story
Is there an event in your family that would make a great story? Whether you decide to write a short story or full length novel, Leagh will provide tips on how to bring your ancestors to life, make your characters pop and write a page turning story.


Digging Deeper

Researching in the 19th Century
Need tips for finding your ancestor before the 20th Century.  Through the use of census records, city directors, land records and other sources Leagh will tell you how.

Understanding Census Records
Why isn’t the entire family listed before 1850?  What happened to the 1890 census?  Leagh discusses the ups and downs of working with census records and the things that can be learned from them.  She also gives you some ideas for searching beyond the census records.

Genealogy Research in the South
Learn the records each state has and where you can find them.  We will walk through the records of SC, NC, GA, TN, and VA.

Where Oh, Where has my Ancestor Gone?
Are you struggling to bust through that brick wall?  Did an ancestor disappear, have a family secret you want to learn more about or do you wonder who his/her parents were?  Leagh shares tricks she has used in the past to bust through some of her own brick walls and discover more about her ancestors.  

Who is Grandma?
            Who was grandma before she married?  Where did she come from?  Who were her parents?  Leagh will give you tips on busting through some of the walls to discover more about your female ancestors.

Where Did they Disappear to?
Are you searching for descendants of a family?  Do you wonder what happened to their children or who their children married?   Will will discover ways to search for descendants, both living and dead, to discover more about their offspring. We will research in reverse and go forward in time instead of backward.

  Fun and Miscellaneous

Digging Up Family Secrets
We all have family secrets?  Leagh talks about her own ups and downs with digging deeper for information.  How to approach the family without stepping on anyone’s toes and knowing when you just have to back away.

Going Green
With the electronic age it’s so easy to save all of your records digitally.  Leagh talks about the pros and cons and ideas for organizing all of that information.

Genealogy Can Be Fun!
Ideas for making family history fun!  Whether for yourself or the kids.  Ideas from games to books to using your own talents for arts and crafts.  The possibilities are endless.

Decorating and Gifting Around Family History
Would you like to decorate a wall or room that accentuates your family? Would you like to give your children, grandchildren or parents unique family history gifts? Leagh gives shows you a variety of ideas to use to show off to accentuate the family.

Planning a Hit Family Reunion
Do you want to plan a family reunion but don’t know where to start?  We will discuss how to get started, types of reunions, games and activities and ways to stay connected throughout the rest of the year.

Designing a Family Website
Do you want to design a family history website, but confused about how to begin?  Leagh will give you tips for designing a family history website and show you how to set up your own website using WordPress.


Leagh will be happy to develop a program for your needs

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