The Pilgrims: Religious Worship

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As we know from our earlier studies, the Pilgrims believed that the Catholic Church and Church of England had strayed from Christ’s teachings. This was part of the reason they came to the New World. King James I {VI of … Continued

The Pilgrims: Planting and Harvesting

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Each house in Plymouth Colony had it’s own garden, where vegetables and herbs were grown. This was the smaller garden where they would grow herbs and vegetables. Some of the vegetables would include spinach, lettuce, turnips and carrots. A portion … Continued

The Pilgrims: Illness

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That first winter was brutal on the passengers of the Mayflower. A mixture of “a mixture of scurvy, pneumonia, and tuberculosis” moved through the group that first winter. Of the 102 passengers that arrived in the New World, only 53 … Continued

Mayflower Voyage: Stepping onto the New World

With the compact signed, the time had now come to explore the New World. The day after the Mayflower Compact was signed was a Sunday, so the people took time to pray and worship. The shallop that was on board … Continued

Mayflower Compact

The journey had been long and turbulent, but after sixty-six days at sea, land was finally spotted. The relief that must have been felt on November 9, 1620 when present day Cape Cod, came into view. Several days were spent … Continued