Living through World War I and the Spanish Flu Epidemic

Journey back in time to World War I, the sinking of the Lusitania and the Spanish Flu Epidemic. Discover what life was like on the home front and how Americans faced their struggle. Compare the similarities and differences to our current events.

Why Henry VIII had Six Wives and how it transformed England

We all know King Henry VIII had six wives, but why? What drew him to each of these women and who were they? On top of that we’ll discover how his decision transformed England as the broke from the Catholic church and he fought to produce a male heir.

Life on the Titanic

We know the Titanic was considered unsinkable, but why? What was it like to be on this remarkable ship and life for each of the three classes? then we’ll explore how class played a role in who survived and who perished on that unforgettable night as the Royal Mail Steamer collides with an iceberg.

Lincoln’s Last Day and Assassination

President Abraham Lincoln celebrated the end of the Civil War–which had superseded is presidency. But he also had disturbing dreams. Walk along with him as he goes about his day on April 14, 1865, enjoys dinner with his wife before heading to Ford’s theater and a fateful rendezvous.

Puritan Life Before Coming to the New World

the Puritan’s fought for religious freedom against King James I and moved their congregation to Amsterdam to pursue their right to worship. Obstacles continued to test their faith until the opportunity arose to start a new in the new world.