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When looking for our DNA answers to our ancestry there are several options we can explore.

DNA testing can break through some brick walls, but it does not always provide a definitive answer

Ancestry checks the markers to determine the percentage of your ancestry to various areas.  They also allow you to connect with others that share common ancestors.  This is known as Autosomal DNA, which looks at Chromosomes 1-22 and X from both parents that have been inherited.

“The X-chromosome follows a special inheritance pattern. Ethnicity estimates are often included with this sort of testing.”

But, there are several other ways to search.

Y-DNA explores the direct paternal life {from father to father to father}.  Many Y-DNA companies also trace ancestral origins and ancient migration patterns.

mtDNA explores the direct maternal trail {from mother to mother to mother}.

Both Y-DNA and mtDNA can have some unusual mutations based on a variety of criteria, such as illegitimacy, secret adoptions, and false records.

There are also specialized test available for genetic issues.  I strongly recommend checking with your doctor before undergoing these to ensure that the specific issue is searched and the company is legitimate.

Other than Ancestry.com, others DNA research companies include:

Before deciding on a company, be sure to check out their prices, what information is provided, their rating and reputation and what services are offered.

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