10 Secrets Exposed Through DNA Research

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DNA research is wonderful and many of us have taken DNA test to learn more about our ancestry and who we are.

However, DNA can also open up a pandora’s box of secrets.

  1. Murderers caught—recently DNA has been making the news for catching the Golden State Killer
  2. Solves old crimes—DNA has solved old crimes that were not solved otherwise
  3. Identifying remains—DNA has identified John Does and Jane Does who otherwise could not be identified
  4. Secret children—DNA has revealed unwanted or unplanned pregnancies where children were put up for adoption
  5. Long held family secrets—our ancestors weren’t perfect and it was much easier for them to hide their secrets and shame than it is now. Many of these secrets are now being revealed or confirmed.
  6. Health issues and the possibility of disease
  7. DNA can provide a sketch of what a suspect looks like and a number of other identifying information
  8. Establish paternity
  9. Free an innocent man or woman
  10. Genetic fingerprints of a disease

Each situation and each family is unique in its own way. Some revelations are painful and life-altering.  Other revelations are a confirmation for what was already suspected.  Then some situations are so far in the past, we are glad to know but it doesn’t really affect us.

What is for sure is that DNA is changing our world, sometimes for the better and sometimes opening up unexpected and painful paths.

So, before taking a DNA test consider all the options and possibilities.  Is this a path you genuinely want to travel?

What secrets has DNA research exposed in your life?

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