“Leagh is truly addicted to researching family history and feels a deep connection with those that came before her and believes they have shaped who she is today. Having been with her on many excursions researching our common ancestors I have witnessed the knowledge she has acquired over many years of research. She loves the chance to share her knowledge with other people through classes and ebooks.”
Lynne Coyle


“Leagh is very intelligent, gifted and sensitive to the needs of others. She easily multitasks and is extremely competent at everything she does! She is a very capable and well spoken inidividual. She is a perfectionist and an attribute to any group or orgniazation.”
Lisa M. Burnette


“Leagh has been a true asset in tracking down information on the McKee family line.   Her organizational skills and enthusiasm are greatly admirable.  She loves sharing with others and is truly a blessing.”
Wayne Adams


“Leagh is a go-getter.  She has a deep love for family history and will follow every avenue to track that elusive ancestor.  We’ve closely worked together for years on our family history.  Through Leagh’s tenacity, we have discovered information we would have never found otherwise.”
Sandra McKee