Genealogy Friday: 10 Family Inspired Wedding Ideas

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Incorporate old family photos into your special day
Incorporate old family photos into your special day




I recently saw an article where the individual mentioned printing wedding pictures of both the bride and grooms parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents and incorporating them into the décor of the wedding.

This got me to thinking about various ways to incorporate family memories into a wedding or to give as a wedding gift.

A family quilt makes a great gift
A family quilt makes a great gift
  1. Make a quilt for the new couple with various family photos. However, make sure you get an equal number of photos and generations from both the bride and grooms side of the family.
  2. Using transfers put pictures onto the wedding cake.
  3. Make coasters with family photos for the new couple.
  4. Have a friend or family member that can paint to paint a tree. At the base are the fingerprints of the bride and groom and above that their parents.  Then allow all of the guest to add their fingerprints to the tree.  This is a wonderful keepsake for the new couple.
  5. If you have old family jewelry, take it to a jeweler and the settings into a rings, bracelet, broach or necklace that can be worn. Imagine the story the bride will be able to share about each setting!
  6. Pin pictures of the loved ones to a bouquet or boutonniere. Often this will be the parents of the bride or groom or a loved one that has passed.
  7. Have cuff links, a necklace, a bracelet or other jewelry made with the picture of your loved one.
  8. A recipe book with family memories and pictures for the new couple to enjoy. You can even add room in the back for them to add recipes and memories.
  9. Using plates or sterling silver items {hair brush, serving pieces} to add pictures that can be displayed. The plates and sterling silver items can often be found at yard sales or online.
  10. Create a frame or shadowbox that contains a piece {plate, fork, broken cup, etc} of the settings for the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. for both the bride and groom. Deciding on a layout and design will take you being creative or finding someone to help you.

What are some family inspired wedding gifts you have given?


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