10 Reasons to Attend Genealogy Conferences

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This past summer I had the opportunity to attend a large genealogy conference in my area.

I have attended many genealogy conferences, but this was one of the better’s ones I have attended.

There was something here for everyone whether a beginner or a seasoned genealogist like me.  That is one of my greatest frustrations at so many conferences are classes and topics to teach new techniques for those of us that have been researching for decades.

However, at this conference, I was reminded of why genealogy conferences are so important.

  1. They provide an opportunity to network and make new friends and reconnect with friends
  2. We learn about new techniques and breakthrough technology developing
  3. Keynote speakers
  4. A variety of interesting topics to choose from
  5. Local societies on hand {if it’s a state conference} to discuss a specific area
  6. Putting a face to a name
  7. New ideas to walk away with
  8. Providing historical context to a time period
  9. Discovering new avenues of research
  10. Sharpening and honing your skills

What are some benefits you have gained from attending a genealogy conference?

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