Genealogy Friday: 5 Reasons to join a Genealogical society

There are many societies such as the DAR {Daughters of the American Revolution}, Mayflower Descendants, state societies, and numerous others societies and groups.

So, why should I join a society?

  1. Learn new research tips—learn about various records and research tips from other researchers.
  2. Socialize with people that have similar interest—this is the opportunity to develop friendships, discuss brick walls and discuss the world of genealogy {which only researchers understand}.
  3. Learn more about your family—you never know when you or another researcher will discover a long lost cousin. Also, to join a lineage society {such as the DAR} you have to submit your family lineage.
  4. Discover more about a time period or area
  5. Historical preservation—many societies work to transcribe and preserve historical records and memorabilia.


Have you joined any genealogical societies?

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