7 Reasons to Be Careful with Ancestry Hints

Last week, I shared some of the benefits of ancestry hints.

But, when using these hints we also need to proceed with caution.

Do you use ancestry hints?

In other words, we need to review the hints before we go and click randomly adding all of the hints.

But, why should we procced with caution?

  • If more than one person in the family or area shares a given name the hints may not be for your ancestor
  • Check the dates to see if they match the time frame in which your ancestor lived
  • Check family members to decide if this is truly your family member
  • Check the area in which the individual lived
  • Check the information, does it match up with what your research provides
  • Check to see if there is information that is rapidly being shared that is incorrect
  • Check to see if the names even match up. I’ve found instances where the names are not even my ancestors.

How do you review the information on Ancestry to make sure it is your ancestor?

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