Traditions of Christmas: Bells

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When we think of bells, we may think of the song I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.

The ringing of bells has long been used in worship since the days of antiquity.  Bells were even used in the hems of the Jewish priest garments.

St. Patrick is said to have used bells to gather the Irish people together for the preaching of God’s word during the 5th Century.

However, before religion came into practice in Europe, the ringing of bells was a popular pagan practice.  Noisemakers were created in the design and shake of a bell to scare away evil spirits at night.  In time, the fun of ringing the bells won out over the reason.

Beginning with the Catholic church of the Middle Ages and evolving through the generations and denominations that have evolved, the church bells would ring out for services on Christmas morning.

During the Middle Ages, bells were the only form of communication or sound available to gather large crowds together.

Bells ring out with both good news and bad news to toll an event, activity, occasion or serve as a warning.

So, with the popularity of church bells, it is no surprise that they were designed as Christmas ornaments and door ornaments with the passage of time.

However, the purpose of the bells, which is to announce the Lord’s work, still remains.

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