Genealogy Friday: Check the Family Bible

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family bible             One great place to check for clues to your ancestry is in the family Bible.  Many Bibles have an ancestry chart in the front.

Check to see if your parents or grandparents have filled out the information.  This is a great place to start.

For more than twenty years the only reference I had to my grandmother’s maternal grandfather was the family Bible.  I began to wonder if he was a figment of her imagination when I could find nothing on him. open family bible

Finally after more than twenty years of searching I found one census record and one city directory that I could definitively say was him.  Sadly he died before death certificates, marriage licenses and other current records existed. If not for that record in the family Bible, I would have known nothing about him.



You never know what family history leads are in the Family Bible

The Family Bible may provide that missing link in your ancestry 

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