Companies Established In 1912

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A Number of Companies we use today was established in 1912:

ABC Motors builds engines.

Famous Players Film Company founded by Adolph and later became Paramount Studios.

Illinois Tool Works is today a Fortune 200 company. They produce engineered fasteners and components and specialty products.

All Steel Equipment Company manufactured metal objects and is now a part of HON industries.

Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft designed aircrafts and now is part of Hawker Siddeley Argosy.

Associated Equipment Company is a UK company that built buses, long haul trucks {or lorries} and motorcoaches.

Paramount Pictures is a film distribution company.

Universal Studios is one of Hollywood’s studios.

Sun-Maid makes raisins.

Sterling Optical is a retail optical store.

Hamilton Jewelers is a jewelry store.

Keystone Studios was an early movie studio that went out of business in 1935.

Brandt produces chocolate in Germany.

Brockway Motor Company built heavy duty trucks in New York. Closed in June 1977.

Diamond Foods specializes in nuts and walnuts. Also produces brand chips and pop secret popcorn.

LL Bean is a popular retail and clothing store. They were a mail order store before the development of the internet. They also specialize in outdoor equipment.

Liberty Mutual is a Fortune 500 company that sells various insurance companies and services.

Montana Power Company provided power to Montana residents until 1997 when the sold to Pennsylvania Power and Light.

Michigan Limestone and Chemical Company is a limestone quarry that began production in 1912.

TJ Hughes is a discount department store.

Wallace Arnold was one of the UK’s largest holiday motorcoach tour operators. They merged with WA Shearings in 2005.

Laurel Fork Railway was a small railroad in Carter County, Tennessee. The railway was terribly damaged by a flood in June 1924, which led to the company closing.

Eagle Oil and Shipping Company was an English company that shipped oil tankers. The company was sold to Royal Dutch Shell in 1919.

Nesbitt, Thomson and Company was a Canadian stock brockerage founded by Arthur Newbitt and Peter Thomson. The company was acquired by the Bank of Montreal in 1987.

Lockheed Corporation is an American aerospace company. The company became Lockheed Martin in 1995.

Sharp Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures electronic products.

Fokker is a Dutch aircraft manufacturer.

Airco stands for Aircraft Manufacturing Company Limited. The company made aircrafts and was bought by Sir Geoffrey de Havilland in 1921 when the company changed it’s name. Geoffrey de Havilland is a cousin to the famous actresses Olivia de Havilland {played Melanie in Gone with the Wind} and Joan Fontaine.

Phillips Distilling Company is known for their wide array of liquors.

British Bank of Northern Commerce was a bank in the UK. In 1921 they became Hambros Bank.

Cowan Pottery was a pottery studio. The company closed in 1931, a byproduct of the Great Depression.

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