Popular Music of 1912

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We took a look at the Music on the Titanic, but what about the other music from 1912. There were songs that were written and published after the Titanic sank in April. So let’s take a look at some of … Continued

Women’s Roles in 1912

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A hundred years ago women worked primarily in the home. Their job was to keep the home, cook the meals and care for the children. These were in the days before television, automatic dishwashers, and washers and dryers existed. Women … Continued

Medical and Health Issues in 1912

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Today we’re used to going to the doctor or hospital for medical maladies. A hundred years ago life was very different. Babies were still born at home and doctors still made house calls. Residents in larger cities were more likely … Continued

The Titanic Hearings and Aftermath

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Upon hearing of the Titanic’s sinking, Senator William Alden Smith called for an immediate investigation. The senate agreed to Smith heading a subcommittee to hear testimony. One of the first aspects to catch Senator Smith’s attention was correspondence by Bruce … Continued