Headlines in 1912

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While at the library conducting genealogical research, I scanned some of the 1912 newspaper microfilms available. Below is just a small sampling of the headlines. Of course in April and May there were numerous articles on the Titanic disaster. The end of the year provided an overabundance of political and election related headlines. All three of the candidates {Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson} received considerable coverage. I was reminded scanning the headlines that results were not immediately known as they are today. Results had to wait until all of the ballots were tallied.

Hondurian Volcano Kills Thousands Friday, April 12, 1912

Japan Mourns as Emperor Lies Dying {Emperor Meiji}
Tuesday, July 30, 1912

Former Wife to Help in the Rosenthal Case Friday, August 9, 1912

Young Rockefeller Engaged These Days Turning Up Grafters {Oil Magnate’s Son Turns Over To Officers Evidence Of Coruption In New York Afairs} Friday, August 9, 1912

Dog Days’ Club Pulled Off Stunts {Performance at Congressional Olympics of Uncle Joe Cameron Shows That He Is Not Yet A “Dead One”} Friday, August 9, 1912

Former Wife of Medicine King To Wed {Mrs. James McVicker} August 28, 1912

Aviator Killed By 200 Foot Fall {Paul Peck} Friday, September 20

Sewage of Cities Pollutes Great Lake Friday, September 20, 1912

In Rain and Mud Governor Wilson Crosses Michigan
Friday, September 20, 1912

After 27 Years’ Estrangement, Comes To Husband’s Aide Friday, September 20, 1912

Mrs. Gray Arrested For Concealing Public Records Friday, September 20, 1912

Characteristic Pictures of Col. Roosevelt Taken At Beginning of the Presidential Campaign Wednesday, October 16, 1912

Crushing Defeat Is Administered To Boston Americans {“Smoky Joe” Wood Is Taken From Box} Wednesday, October 16, 1912
Theaters and Thespians Sunday, October 27, 1912 {speaks of Dorothy Lewis and Lovey Mae Greene}

Blind Mute Girl Learns to Sing {Helen Keller} Tuesday, August 20

Oscar Hammerstein–the world famous grand and comic opera impersario presenting Florence Weber and her originial company of 60 presenting Naughy Marietta August 31, 1912

Doctors Gave Her Up {Mrs. Stuart Finally Saved By Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound–Her Story interesting} Saturday, August 31

Millionaire’s Tragic End {Solomon Luna Falls Into Vat of Boiling Grease} Saturday, August 31, 1912

Dorothy Carleton with the Carleton Sisters Company at the Grand, September 10th Sunday, September 8, 1912

Another Millionaire Baby Expected {wife of Alfred G. Vanderbilt} Friday, August 30, 1912

Gov. Wilson Speaks At Farmer’s Rally Friday, August 30, 1912
Multitudes Attend Funeral of Booth {founder of the Salvation Army} Friday, August 30, 1912

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Oil Men Friday, August 30, 1912

German Aviators Killed In Flight Tuesday, June 4, 1912

Congress Lands on Beef Trust Again Tuesday, June 4, 1912

Cuban Insurgents Applying The Torch Tuesday, June 4, 1912

Wright Death Universally Mourned {this is Wilbur Wright} Tuesday , June 4, 1912

Victory of Wilson Continues To Grow As Count Progresses
Friday, November 8, 1912

Democrats Will Have Full Control of the Next Senate
Friday,November 8, 1912

Boston Wins {part of the World Series Games} Tuesday, October 8

Bathing Accidents Numerous Sunday Tuesday, July 30, 1912

Roll of Rescued From Titanic Seems Complete Friday, April 19, 1912

Congress Acts At Once On Titanic Catastrophe Friday, April 19, 1912

Flood Augmented By Continuous Rains Friday, April 19, 1912

No Other Ship So Big As The Titanic Friday, April 19, 1912

Ill Fated Steamship Titanic Now Lies At Bottom of the Sea
Friday, April 19, 1912

Twenty Nine Killed In Series of Tornadoes Tuesday, April 23, 1912

Mallory-Morgan Liners Crash In Dense Fog Tuesday, April 23, 1912

Ismay’s Statement Denies Stories of Responsibility Tuesday,April 23

Sea Gives Up Its Dead;64 Bodies Recovered {Titanic} Tuesday,April 23

Wireless Operator Bride Star Witness In Inquiry Tuesday, April 23

Live Baseball “Dope” From Many Quarters Tuesday, April 23, 1912

Vincent Astor Gives To Needy Survivors Tuesday, April 23, 1912

Westbound Limited Held Up By Bandits Tuesday, April 23, 1912

Two Little Waifs Of The Deep Tuesday, April 23, 1912

Graphic Stories of Rescue Told By Titanic Survivors Tuesday,April 23

New Yorker Foresaw Maritime Disaster Friday, April 26, 1912

Insurance Companies Hit Hard By Disaster Friday, April 26, 1912

Roosevelt Letters On Trust Made Public Friday, April 26, 1912

“Mount Temple” Passengers Saw the Titanic Go Under Friday, April 26

Many Lives Lost In Onrushing Torrent Friday, May 10, 1912

Stores Will Close For Memorial Day Friday, May 10, 1912

Distinctive Style In Fall Blouses Sunday, October 6, 1912

Markley Hardware Manufacturing Tuesday, August 20, 1912

Attention, Farmers! Friday, April 19, 1912

Pittsburg Poultry and Garden Feed Friday, May 10, 1912

Hood’s Sarsaparilla Friday, May 10, 1912

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