Genealogy Friday: Did My Ancestor Even Exists?

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I have a couple of ancestors that I have had a difficult time finding any information on.  I’ve even begun to wonder if my ancestor even existed.  I’m sure you have some like this also.

So what are some ways to uncover clues about your ancestor?

  1. Search variations on the name—many names were spelled phonetically on records in the past. Check all possible spellings.
  2. Search under the names of the spouse or children.finding missing person
  3. Search death certificates for the spouse or children. Is a name given?  Is a place given?  What other information can you garner?
  4. Check city directories
  5. Check obituaries for siblings, spouse and children. Are parents’ names given?  Are survivors listed?  Where are the survivors living?
  6. Check funeral home records
  7. Check cemetery records
  8. Check school records
  9. Check church records
  10. Check employment records {are their railroad, mill, military, etc. records you can check?}

I hope this helps you in tracking down your illusive ancestor.  I still have some that I have done all of these and still been unable to find any additional information.

Pray and ask God and your ancestor to help you find them!

How have you found illusive ancestors?

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