Discovering An Old Family Bible

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I had a cousin that provided me with the family Bible of my great-great grandparents.  This was a huge, but pleasant surprise at the time.

The Bible was a large Bible dating back to the 19th Century.

Tenderly I cradled the Bible, the way I would a newborn baby.  The cover and bind are fragile and needs restoration.

However, flipping opening the cover of the Bible and searching through the pages, I discovered one treasure trove of information after another.

Family Bibles can provide a lot of family information
  1. Looking at the year the Bible was published {1880}, I was able to deduce it was most likely a wedding present to my great-great grandparents {who married in 1881}
  2. Inside was confirmation of their marriage, place and officiant
  3. Inside were the dates of their marriage, children’s births and deaths. I knew I was looking at the handwriting of one of my great-grandparents.  I was even able to determine when the handwriting changed.
  4. A picture of a great-uncle whom no known pictures existed. We had pictures of all the other children and were able to reasonably deduce this was this uncle
  5. Notes in the margins
  6. Various newspaper clippings and obituaries
  7. A lock of braided hair that belonged to my great-grand mother—I was very excited to find this gold mine. I felt as if I were reaching out and touching my great-grandmother.

So, if you come across a family Bible take the time to treasure this find and slowly page through to discover what you may find.

What have you found in your family Bible?

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