Genealogy Friday: Don’t Forget Census Records

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census recordsCensus Records are a great resource for discovering more about your family.  Census records are conducted every 10 years in the United States {on years that end in 0, such as 2000 and 2010}.

Census records are released in the United States, 72 years after they were taken.  The 1940 census was released in 2012 and the 1950 census will be released in 2022.

The United States government began conducting the census in 1790.  Census records from 1790-1840 only list the head of household.  Census records from 1850 and on, list every member in the household.  This is a huge help to genealogist in placing children, spouses or finding parents and in-laws.

Please note the 1890 census {for the US} was destroyed.

What have you found on census records?




The importance of census records in family history

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