Happy birthday, Helen Keller

Helen Keller with Annie Sullivan

Helen Keller was a prolific author, lecturer and political activist.  Yet, she achieved all of this while being both blind and deaf.

She was born on June 27, 1880 in Alabama. 

At 19 months of age, she contracted an unknown illness that left her both deaf and blind.  She began to
create signs to express her needs and wants. 

In 1886, Annie Sullivan became Keller’s instructor and began to teach her how to spell words in her hands.  Their relationship would continue for the next forty-nine years.

She attended the Perkins Institute for the Blind and learned to speak from reading people’s lips with her hands.

Helen Keller

Annie Sullivan died in 1936, but Keller had companions to assist her for the remainder of her life.

Keller became a world-famous speaker and advocated for people with disabilities.  She published 12 books and many articles.

Helen Keller died on June 1, 1968 in Connecticut at the age of 87.

Her life has been depicted in several movies, the most famous The Miracle Worker. 

Happy birthday, Helen!!!

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