History of Candlemas

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Candlemas is a Christian Holy Day which commemorates the presentation of Jesus at the temple.  The holiday is based on the Biblical account found in Luke 2:22-40.

Jesus presented at the temple

According to Leviticus 12, a woman was to be presented for purification by sacrifice 33 days after a boy’s circumcision.

The celebration falls on February 2, because it is the traditional 40th day of the Christmas-Epiphany season.

Some Christians choose to wait until Candlemas to take down their Christmas decorations.

Pope Gelasius I began to spread the celebration in the 490s. He also had pancakes distributed to pilgrims arriving in Rome, and the day is now considered the day of crepes for this reason. The pancakes are said to represent the return of spring after the dark and ocld winter.

Jesus at the temple

Roman consul Justin established the celebration on February 2, 521 in the Eastern part of the Roman Empire.

To celebrate Candlemas, all the candles in the house should be lit. Tradition also says manger scenes should not be put away until Candlemas, which is the last feast of the Christmas cycle.

Many Christians bring candles to their local churches to be blessed and then used throughout the year. The candles represent Jesus’ command that his followers be “a light in the world

There is an old traditional Scottish poem which said that

“If Candlemas Day be bright and fair

 Half the winter is to come and mair (more)

 If Candlemas Day be dark and foul

 Half the winter was over at Yowl (Christmas)

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