History of Cupid

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In Greek and Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and desire.

He is often portrayed as the son of Venus, the love goddess, and Mars, the war god.  However, there are many theories on his parentage, depending on the source, however he is always portrayed as having divine parentage.

The Greeks named him Eros and portrayed him as a boy or slim youth.

Cupid is said to be winged because “lovers are flighty” and often given to change their minds. His boyish depiction is said to be because “love is irrational”.

Cupid carries two kinds of arrows. Those struck with the blunt lead tip are said to “feel aversion and desires only to flee”. While those struck with the golden point are filled with “uncontrollable desire”.

A 15th Century poem attributed to James I of Scotland includes a third steel point in which “a love wound never heals”.

Depictions of cupid sleeping are said to represent absent or languishing love.

Which version of Cupid best suits you?

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