How genealogy helped me in life

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I recently had a housing situation which arose, and I had to do some legwork to track down the information. 

In the more than two decades I’ve been doing genealogy, I’ve discovered where to seek and find a variety of different information.

As I set out to solve the puzzle in my situation, my genealogy prowess proved extremely viable. I was able to discern the steps of where I needed to go and who I needed to speak with to track down the answers I was seeking.

Sadly, the answers were not as forthcoming as I’d hoped, and the outcome was not as I’d preferred, but I learned a viable lesson.  All of the years I’d spent in genealogical research had proven extremely valuable to me in other areas of my life.

There were techniques and skills I’d obtained, and lessons learned that I’d been able to incorporate into many other areas of my life.

How has genealogical research helped you in your life?

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