Genealogy Friday: I Wish I’d Asked

All too often in speaking with people, I hear them say they wish they had asked their parents and grandparents more about their lives and own parents.


This online quote echoes the sentiments of many, “There are lots of things that I wished I had asked my grandparents.  Young people should be attentive to their elders and ask all kinds of questions every time they can.  If you don’t think you will remember it, write it down.  Because one of these days, there won’t be anyone to ask.”


One day there won’t be anyone else to ask. 

Even when we think we have plenty of time or we’ll write it down later, life changes and moves on.  With the passage of time our memory fades, people die and our interest begins to change.

So, take the time to ask questions of your loved ones now.

When older family members share stories, take the time to record them or write them down.

Remember, you may not care now, but the time may come when you do care.  Even, if you never have interest, one day your child or grandchild may want to know.

How to you preserve the past for the future?

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