Genealogy Friday: Online Indexes Can Save Time

Many libraries and counties have online indexes that can save a lot of time before you take a genealogy trip.

Check with your local library or library of interest to inquire if they have an online index.

Online Indexes are a great time saver
Online Indexes are a great time saver

However, online indexes can include:

  1. Obituaries
  2. Marriage licenses
  3. Other items of interest

Before making a trip, I search these indexes when working on a family.  I make a list of all of the obituaries I need to research and where they can be found.

This way once I arrive at the library, I’m able to take my printed list and began pulling the necessary microfilm.  Already having the lists saves me time once I arrive at the library.  I already know what I need and I’m ready to go.

What online databases are your favorites?

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