Genealogy Friday: Other Ideas for Searching the 1950 Census

Several months ago, I published an article on when the 1950 census would be available and what we could expect.  Joel Weintraub from California reached out to me and with his permission, I am publishing his email.

From his email, I hope you discover other avenues and ideas towards family history research. 

The microfilm will not be available at libraries. Scans of the microfilm schedules will be through their internet connections.

Second, on day one of the opening, with the tools at that we have been working on with our volunteers for the last 5 years, and probably 80% complete, anyone with a location or even an address should be able to find the 1950 ED # of their target. Addresses for cities, names for unincorporated areas are up right now; all ED definitions and over 1400 cities. We are in our 5th year of producing such tools for the census section and hope to complete the project in 2-3 years.

Third, 1950 ED maps, both county and city, are available right now through most of Virginia on the NARA catalogue and can also help find the right ED # for a residence without waiting several months for a name index.

Of course the name index is a good way of doing this, but has its own problems. Multiple tools are always the way to go for difficult situations.

Have you discovered a new way to research your family history?


*Note ED stand for Enumeration District.

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