Genealogy Friday: Searching Military Records Before 1922

Military Records before 1922 are much easier to access than after 1922.

Revolutionary War
Revolutionary War

These records include:

  •  The Revolutionary War
  •  The War of 1812
  •  The Mexican-American War
  •  The Civil War
  •  The Spanish-American War
  •  World War I


These records are available through the National Archives.  However, most of these records are available through a number of other resources.

This includes:

o   Microfilm at local libraries.  Check your library to determine if they have the records you are looking for.

Civil War
Civil War

o   Fold 3—has many of the actual records available for viewing and download.

o   Ancestry—they do not have the actual records the way Fold 3 does, but they do provide a unit on many veterans.  They also have the Draft Cards for World War I, which every male born between 1880-1900 {roughly}  was required to register.


If you are unable to find the needed records using these resources, check with the National Archives.



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