Strange Inheritances

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I enjoy watching strange inheritances and there are some very interesting and unique inheritances that are left at times.

These inheritances often provide a life long passion or obsession for the now deceased relative.

This led me to think about genealogy research.  Maybe we will not receive storage bins full of celebrity pictures or dresses, but that does not mean our loved ones do not have an inheritance or passion to pass down.

What collections have you discovered?

When my time comes, my family will have to sort through my family history records, multitude of writings and numerous books.

So, how can we discover what was important to our loved ones?

  1. What did they talk about?
  2. What did they enjoy doing?
  3. Did they have a passion or hobby?
  4. Is there a collection of memorabilia? {I had someone tell me today about a man’s large collection of Navy memorabilia from when he was in the military}
  5. What has been handed down, willed or left to a loved one?

What strange inheritances have you found?

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