Genealogy Friday: Take a Break from Brick Walls

Have you reached a brick wall that is driving you crazy?

Once you’ve been over the wall, under the wall and on each side of the wall with no results, you begin to feel frustrated and as if the situation is helpless.

So, what’s the best solution?

I’m beginning to find enough information to break through those brick walls..but sometimes it takes decades and a break every now and then

Take a break.

What, take a break?  That defeats the purpose.

Sometimes getting away from the problem allows us to gain some perspective and when we return to that brick wall we are looking at it with fresh eyes.

I have a series of brick walls that I attempt to break about once a year.

Going back with fresh eyes sometimes gives me a new perspective to find a solution.

Also, with the passage of time new records and technology are available that are of assistance.

However, I still have a handful of brick walls I’m striving to break through and wondering if it will ever happen.

But by stepping away and returning to the issue, I’m able to view the issue with a fresh set of eyes.

Do you take a break and return to it?

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