Turn Back Clocks

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Time to Fall Back is once again upon us.  We will turn our clocks back one hour on Sunday, November 3rd.

While the official time change takes place at 2am, most people turn their clocks back an hour the night before.

By falling back an hour the days seem to grow shorter.  The sun rises an hour earlier in the mornings and sets an hour earlier in the evenings. 

As we head towards the winter solstice in December, the hours of daylight decrease and we have more hours of darkness.

As the weather grows cooler more people stay inside during the winter.  This can often lead to the winter blues. 

To beat the winter blues, try turning on more light at home or getting some sun, exercising, taking up a winter sport, dressing for the cold {when we have it here in the south}, taking a multivitamin, eat a healthy diet, setting goals and breaking out of the rut. 

All of these suggestions will help keep the winter blues at bay until spring rolls back around.

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