Genealogy Friday: Visit Your Ancestors with Google Maps

Do you want to see where your ancestors lived?

Did they move across country?  Did they come from another country?above_london

Today travel is much easier than ever before.  However, there are still limitations to why you may not be able to travel to your ancestral homeland.  This could be because of financial issues or a disability or the danger of the area.

Recently when doing some research, I realized there is a new resource we can use to view these areas.   Google Maps can zoom in and show us the surrounding area of where our ancestor lived.  If we have an exact location, we may be able to view that location.  From there we can look at the surrounding streets and countryside.

For more rural areas, Google Maps allows us to have an overhead view of the countryside. I was able to use this technology to narrow down where a very old and secluded family cemetery was located.

While seeing these places in person may be preferable, Google Maps does offer another option.

Also, this may be a great resource when planning a research trip to an unfamiliar area.

Have you used Google Maps for genealogical purposes?

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