Genealogy Friday: When I discover wrong information

When researching family history, there are times when we find information that is wrong or misconstrued.

Trying to prove the facts is not easy and often not popular among ancestors, but is necessary.

Some of the information could be something such as:

Double check ALL Sources and Documentation. No on wants to undo previous research.
  • The mother did not die in childbirth
  • Father did not die, but moved away and remarried
  • A variation on a surname
  • Dates of birth/death
  • Correct names of spouses or children or parents
  • Ancestor was a traitor

These are just some of the facts that we may find that need revoking.

So, what if we find information that is wrong.

  • First, don’t take anyone’s word.
  • Research, research, research
  • Have viable proof that documents the changes
  • Remember that memories can be wrong
  • Be patient—some people will never accept change

I often have people reaching out with the undocumented information they swear is correct, because they got it off line.  Usually, I ignore these messages.  However, when a researcher has documented proof of the facts I will stop and look over the information and began my own research of the facts.

Have you ever had to disprove false information that was widely available?

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