Why Did My Ancestor Migrate?

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Have you ever wondered why your ancestor migrated to the new world?

For some, it’s easy to figure out.

  1. The Irish Famine of the 18th Century
  2. The Religious persecution of the pilgrims
  3. The persecution of the Jews

The one thing that is for sure is that our ancestors came over for a better life and often to escape poverty.

To discover more about our ancestor and the reason s/he emigrated is to research the time and place in which the person lived. This allows us to discover more about our ancestor and bring him/her to life.

Some questions to ask:

  1. Who was King/Queen during this time?
  2. Was there a war or conflict going on?
  3. Was there a widespread illness at the time?
  4. What were the concerns and/or issues of the day?
  5. Was there religious persecution?
  6. Did s/he come with other family members or others from the same area?
  7. How did your ancestor come over?  Boat, train, plane, etc.
  8. How long did the journey take?
  9. Where did they settle?  Why did they settle there?

These questions are a great guide to get started on your ancestor’s journey of migration. 

What have you discovered by researching your ancestor?

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