Genealogy Friday: 16 Questions when Printing Family Histories





I’ve shared the benefits of printed family histories, but what if you are printing a family history.

What are some aspects of this endeavor you may want to keep in mind?

  1. Is my family interested
  2. What format is the family interested in? {Printed, CD, digial}
  3. What can my family afford?
  4. Have I verified all of my facts?
  5. Am I including proper documentation and sources?
    Make a list and double check
    Make a list and double check
  6. Do I need help in completing this endeavor? –these are often huge projects that take anywhere from several people to a committee.
  7. Have I contacted everyone I need to contact?
  8. Am I taking my time to put together a worthwhile project?—I would rather take longer to put the project together than to rush through it and have a haphazard endeavor.
  9. Is this a project my family will cherish?
  10. Have I included everyone?
  11. Have I handled delicate situations with tact?
  12. Am I being truthful about our family?
  13. Have I included the history of the family or ancestors?
  14. Do I want to include pictures? How much more will this costs?
  15. Have I made sure I’m not just copying information from the internet without double checking for verification?
  16. Are there any copyright infringements I need to worry about?

What other lessons have you learned from printing your family history?

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