Changing Misconceptions

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A cousin and I have been researching our great-great-grandmother’s line and her lineage and family.

Another cousin, who was a granddaughter to our great-great-grandmother, had shared a family story that had been passed down that our 2x-grandmother had a stepmother who hated children and sent them away.

For years, we searched for obituaries but never found any additional information on this supposed interloper.

All we knew about this woman was the very worst and we believed it.

Well, a few weeks ago, my cousin found the stepmother’s obituary and our eyes were opened.  The obituary provided information and facts that were the exact opposite of what we had been told.

The woman not only did not send the children away, but she took the youngest with her and raised her as her own after the death of her husband.

The family lore that had been passed down, had been wrong.  We wonder from whom our cousin {who is now deceased} received her information.  Why had such an awful and untrue story been passed down?

Sometimes with our research, we may believe one truth, but as more information is uncovered we realize there is more to the story or the family lore was completely wrong.

What misconceptions have you had to change about your own family?

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