Charting Where An Ancestor Lived

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Last week, I shared how to chart a move.  This week, I want to share how to chart where an ancestor lived.

Actually, my residents in the nursing home where I work and I recently did this very activity.

Depending on how much your ancestor moved and how far, print off maps of one {or all} of the following:

  1. City map
  2. State map
  3. Country map

Plot a space on the map of where your ancestor first lived and then draw a line to the next place where they lived.

This could also be done with a push pin and string.

This can be a fun and exciting activity, but it also provides a visual of where your ancestor moved.

You can also provide dates of when the ancestor lived in that location or if you have a picture of the house, a picture.

If the ancestor moved a good bit, you may want to create a timeline either in excel or on poster board.

Have you ever charted where your ancestors lived?

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