Don’t Box Yourself In

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Last week, I shared how I found my great-great grandfather’s obituary after years of searching.

This week, I want to share another wonderful find.

Newspapers provide a variety of interesting information on the life of our forefathers

I was searching on for my great-aunts and great-uncles on a particular family, searching for any additional newspaper articles that might exists.  {I already had all of their obituaries and any marriage announcements for those that had one.}

I was surprise in the search to see my great-great grandmothers name.

Upon inspection of the article, I discovered that it was a surprise birthday party for her, which also happened to be her last birthday.  This was not in the town where she lived, but in a neighboring town where one of her children lived.  It was hosted by that child.

The article even included who was there and who was not there.  I discovered that six of her ten children were present.  Two children were already deceased, and I began to wonder why the other two were not present, until I realized they lived out of town and may not have been able to make the trip, which was several hours for each.

So, when searching for family members, do not box yourself in to a certain geographical area.

Search for neighboring towns and other family members when searching through newspaper articles.  You never know what you may find.

What articles have you discovered?

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