Don’t Stop Looking

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For years, I searched for my great-great grandfather’s obituary.

He died in 1916 and no matter how much I looked, I could not find his obituary.

obituaries provide a wealth of information

I combed through the records when they were on microfilm, but became cross eyed and never found it.

I’ll admit that there were times when I was frustrated, because I felt that it did exist but was never able to find it.

Yet, I never gave up.  I continued to search whenever the opportunity arose {which may have been every few years}.

Recently, I was on and noticed that the newspaper for that area had been added.

I pulled the paper up and began to search but without any luck.  Then I changed the perimeters with which I was searching and was amazed when the obituary I had been searching for for over 20 years was revealed.

After all this time I finally had my great-great grandfather’s obituary.

So, when you begin to grow discouraged or wonder if that obituary ever existed, don’t give up.  You never know when you may find it.

What records have you found after years of searching?

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