Genealogy Friday: Genealogy Gift Ideas for Children

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  1. Create a placemat of your family tree.  You can go back to grandparents or great-grandparents.  Use pictures for each family
    member.  On the back, createacollage of favorite family pictures with various family members.

    genealogy placemat
    genealogy placemat
  2. Decorate a doll in the dress of your ancestral homeland.  You can use the doll to explain the family culture to your grandchild.
  3. Lincoln logs—you can help the child create a replica of an ancestor’s home.  If you don’t know what it looks like, use your imagination.
  4. Create a coloring book of family pictures.   You can use a free online program to transform your picture into a coloring page.
  5. Write a book or booklet on your family.  There are numerous themes to choose from, such as A is for…, The Story of Me, Who You Are to Me, Why You Are Special, The Story of Our family, etc.
  6. Build a diorama of a historical event or landmark {house, boat, etc} in your family.
  7. Logo blocks that have pictures of your ancestors pictures in or on them.
  8. Create plaster of hands and feet of child.
  9. Create homemade stamps or play money using family members.
  10. Family game board—using people, events, dates and places that are significant to your family create a game board.   Create your own rules or use those from a game your family already enjoys.

What are some fun gift ideas you have?

family game board
family game board

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