Genealogy Friday: Genealogy Gift Ideas for Senior Adults

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  1. Blankets—older adults often get cold very easily.  However, you can take a picture and have Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Shutterfly
    family puzzle
    family puzzle

    or another company create a blanket from a family picture.

  2. Coffee Mugs—each morning my grandmother has hot chocolate with her 3 great-grandchildren.  This mug was a Christmas present and she loves it.
  3. Calendars—create a calendar using family pictures. Once again you can easily create this online.
  4. Pillows—use family pictures and create pillows.  You can make your own or order online.
  5.  Find or make old style toys {dolls, cars, etc} that your loved one may have grown up with.   This may prompt all types of memories.
  6. Puzzles—create a puzzle or order one online based on a family picture.  This can be so much fun for everyone as the family slowly begins to take shape.  You’ll be saying, “This is “insert name” nose…”
  7. Ornaments—create family ornaments that are special to your family.
    family quilt
    family quilt
  8. Crossword Puzzles or Word Searches using family names, places, etc.  you can find online software to help you with this.
  9. Magnets for the refrigerator, kitchen or cabinets with family pictures.  Senior adults love to brag on their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  10. Family Quilt—if you enjoy quilting, create a quilt using pictures of family members.
  11. Bonus: Life of Yesteryear—memory books for grandparents can easily be found.  This is a great gift for everyone.  Grandma/Grandpa can write out their memories which will be saved and cherished for years to come.

What are some fun gift ideas you have?

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