History of October

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With the appearance of October, the weather begins to grow cooler {hopefully} and we begin to prepare for Halloween, with the knowledge that Christmas is quickly approaching.


The word octo means eight.  On the original Roman calendar, October was the eighth month.

When the calendar changed to the Julian Calendar, the year began in March and October occurred eight months later.

Eventually the modern-day Gregorian calendar was adopted and the beginning of the year was changed to January.

The birthstone for October is the opal.  Legend says that the opal will crack if worn by anyone not born in the month of October. 


The calendula is the birth flower of October.

The flower name derives from the Latin word calendae which means little calendar, little clock or little weather glass. The common name for the flower is the marigold and a common nickname for it is Mary’s gold, referring to the Virgin Mary.

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