History of Universal Music Day

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Did you know there is a universal music day?

Universal music day is October 12th.

Music is important to our health and mental wellbeing.  Music has the power to heal and can lift a disheartened or discouraged spirit.

Music is the universal language that can break all barriers and speaks to a whole continuum of human emotions.

Music has the power to energize, teach and inspire people beyond what they feel they can do.

When you begin to feel down and blue or just need a mood lifter, play your favorite CD or turn on your favorite radio station.  You can also beat out a beat with your hands, hum a tune, sing a song, sing a round {if others are with you} or create a your own tune or harmony.

Every culture has their own style and form of musical enjoyment and expression. 

Whether it is dancing and drums, the bagpipes, soothing sounds, rap, a synthesizer, or songs with a story, they are all a form of music.

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