Legend of 3 brothers coming to America

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We have all heard the legend that three brothers came to America.

Most of these legends then seem to go that one went north, one went south and one went west.

I’ll admit it, but I have a couple of these in my own family.

It is amazing how common and prevalent this legend is but often it is also wrong.

Sorry, I hate to burst your bubble, but that long held onto legend could be wrong.

When we are researching our family history, we must be open minded enough to what we will find.

There are times when we may discover that this was indeed true, but often we will find our ancestor emigrated alone, emigrated as a child with his family, emigrated with a cluster of people, or emigrated as a servant to another to pay their passage.

We never know what we will find when we begin searching for our ancestors.  But, the stories we find are their lives and their stories.  We cannot change their story any more than we can our neighbor’s.

But, we can strive to discover what led to their decisions, what their life was like and the factors that may have led to the decision to emigrate and the conditions in which they lived upon their arrival.

After all, if there were three brothers, why would one brother choose to go north, while another chose to go south and the third choose to go left?  For the brothers, each area offered a need or a promise that the man thought could be met.

Have you proven or debunked the theory of three brothers?

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